The concept of LOVE is arguably one of the most misconstrued and misapplied in contemporary times. To this extent, an attempt to put it in the right perspective on the authority of God’s word (God Himself is love personified – 1Jn4:8) is definitely not out of place at such a time as this.

The Oxford dictionary defines love as an intense feeling of deep affection towards another person. Yea, that’s true. But much more than a feeling, love is the nature of the Father enabling Him to do the things He does. Now, the import of this: for the believer, love is spontaneous/unconditional i.e it’s not a function of the attitude or response of the recipient, it’s a function of His nature (Jn3:16, Rom5:5-8). Do we remember that God did not sacrifice His Son for us because we were perfect? It was while we were yet sinners.

Beloved, while I was meditating on the subject of LOVE, I found some staggering truths that really ‘wowed’ me. Without an iota of doubt, I know they’ll bless you as well.

1. God loves the world (you and I) as much as He loves Christ Jesus (Jn17:23b). What a revelation! Therefore never catch yourself wallowing in self-pity or dejection for you have been accepted in the BELOVED (Eph1:6)

2. Love always involves an exchange of value. In other words, the cycle of love is not complete without giving up something you truly cherish to bless your neighbour (Jn3:16, 1Jn3:17-18, 1Jn4:9-10)

3. Love prefers other people in honour (Rom12:10). In other words, love is not self-seeking. Rather, it’s self-sacrificing!

4. You can never stumble walking in love towards others. Why? Love radiates light (1Jn2:10)

5. Love is creative/inventive in hospitality (Rom12:13). It means love seeks and discovers new ways to meet others’ needs and be a blessing to them. Jesus WENT ABOUT doing good (Acts10:38). So it was His occupation to do good. Amazing, isn’t it?

6. Finally, love and lust are poles apart! How do I mean? God is the subject of true love, but lust only cares for the goodies of this world. Hence, love is as ETERNAL as lust is EPHEMERAL (1Jn2:15-17). Which do you prefer?

Hmmm…I guess I have to drop my pen at this juncture, but the next thing you want to do now is go out there and put a smile on the face of somebody. You can be His/Her angel: the answer to their prayers, the light in their dark world.

If you’ve been truly blessed by this piece, you’ll definitely want to share it with someone you LOVE. Remember that’s one good way to prove your love. Stay blessed and love you all!


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