Fragrance of Love

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine” Songs of Sol 1:2

Cheer up beloved, it’s a new dawn already! Your long night of weeping is over, you can now step into your day of rejoicing because the fragrant love of the Father has searched you out today.

Our God gave us a perfect example of love in letting go of His only Son for an ungrateful people without any condition. Even on the Cross, the Son still offered heartfelt prayers for His assailants. Little wonder the aroma of His unfailing love has pervaded the entire universe as He continues to beckon to as many who are thirsty and hungry to come drink and eat till everyone is satisfied. Can anyone really resist this kind of love?

Love gives no conditions, you love others with no strings attached, you love the unlovable and forgive the unforgivable. Offence will surely come but you don’t take it because you forgive in advance. You don’t love people because they deserve to be loved, you love them because you are designed to love

Love doesn’t talk down on people, it speaks pleasant uplifting words, recognizing that the power of life and death lies in the tongue. King Solomon, in His God-given wisdom shared in Proverbs 16:24 that pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.

Love is so potent: the fragrance of Love conquers the repulsive stench of hate.

To sum up, I have no doubt whatsoever that most, if not all of the problems that plague humanity today can be laid to eternal rest on the altar of love. Love can soften the most hardened of criminals, the soothing balm of love is able to calm frayed nerves. Only love can tell you to apologize even when you are not at fault.
Yes, love is so sweet all the bitterness in this world cannot neutralize it. I love you.




Happy New Year dearest esteemed reader. You made 2014 worth the while for me…thanks a lot and wishing you a WONDERFUL 2015!



Have you been groping in the thick darkness of chronic misery with no future in view at all?

Don’t give up just yet, the Light of life can change your story today. If only you will let Him, He will take you by the hand and lead you from where you are to where you ought to be.


Oh someone out there with a broken heart and a low spirit? Give the LOVE Specialist an in-road into your heart, He will sure mend you and lift your spirit. Mortals may have refused you but you have been accepted in the beloved (Eph 1:6).


Are you so overwhelmed by the challenges and hurdles of life that you sometimes feel like ending it all? Only accept His warm embrace and He will make life worth living again!


Or you were only recently diagnosed with a terminal illness and doctors have told you to put your house in order? Listen, the Healer has said something different about you: arise and take up your bed (Matt 9:6).

Beloved, cast all your cares and worries on Him today because He truly cares (1Peter5:7). Jesus is the ONLY way out of all the nagging evils bedeviling our generation today and you will be doing yourself a world of good to allow Him into your life. It’s so simple…just BELIEVE in your HEART that God raised Him from the dead and CONFESS with your MOUTH His Lordship over your life (Rom 10:9-10).

Did you just do that? That’s amazing! You are saved!!!

Jesus has now become to you a Father, a Friend, a Companion and a Healer. Glory to God!

Now it will be of tremendous benefit to read your bible daily and join a Bible-practising church where you will be taught God’s word.

You are blessed and remember I love you!



Halo peeps! Just tryn 2 catch up on today’s assignment cos the day is almost winding up here in my beloved Nigeria. I know you care about what I care about – LOVE, yea love. Why not let’s dig it some more. You can’t get fed up loving or being loved, can you? Even our Creator anchors His very essence on pure love. You wanna know what to do next? I’ll tell you: talk love, think love, dream love, wear love, share love. Just live love.

You wanna do more of this love thing? It will be my greatest joy if you could follow my love blog at LOVE Y’all!!!


I am a love-oriented blogger intoxicated by the fresh wine of love to do what? To love all and sundry without condition.

I am CREATIVE in love because I was CREATED to love.

More still, I am of the opinion that life is not worth living if I do not love and I am not loved.

Love is the unfailing cord that binds the entirety of universe together. Is it not the only formidable force that can unite a man and a woman of divergent backgrounds and converge the duo into a couple that stay glued together for life, come rain, come sunshine?

Without love, the very foundation of life itself falls apart, helplessly


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The wine of love is good wine and I consider myself hugely privileged to share this cup with several thousands of dear bloggers, thanks to the blogging101 platform! This can only get more exciting…yea and we’ll together enjoy this new wine till we all are drunk!

And please, don’t leave without sipping in some of the love-inspired posts I have here for your drinking pleasure. I bet they’ll bless you and you want to come back for some more as much as I’m also prepared to serve you some more – a trial will convince you.

Hmmmm….comments and suggestions are sought for even as I look forward to meeting you better as we embark on this JOURNEY OF LOVE together. LOVE YOU!




wpid-443-dying.jpgYomade, before and during the illness

The precious life of Balogun Yomade Yewande, a 26-yr old designer and graduate of OAU,Ife is being threatened, no thanks to end-stage kidney disease (stage V).

She needs about 9million naira for kidney transplant

Yomade is counting on you and me to come to her rescue and save her from untimely death: “Nothing is too small, every assistance is appreciated. I want to live to fulfil my dream. Now I need well-meaning Nigerians to save me from dying.”

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Pls no amount is too small and your seed sown is blessed IJN. Amen

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1. That the all-time famous composer of the widely acclaimed Hallelujah chorus, George Frideric Handel was never married!

2. That Handel almost got killed by fellow composer, Johann Mattheson during a heated quarrel in which the latter’s sword narrowly missed Handel’s chest!

Someone’s gonna thank God that was not going to happen. Handel later composed the much celebrated oratorio, Messiah (featuring Hallelujah chorus) that forever transformed the music world and has since blessed countless lives…like mine!

3. That Handel once suffered an apparent stroke that paralyzed four of his fingers from which he later recovered and sprang back even stronger