Christ Our Righteousness

wpid-lord-righteousness.jpg Image Credit: To start with, very many know that righteousness means to have a right standing with God. However, not many people have the correct knowledge of how to become righteous. At one extreme, several folks are of the opinion that it’s practically impossible to be righteous as humans to the extent that they deem it outright heresy for anyone to profess that they are righteous. Furthermore, a good number of people equally hold the extreme view that all they need to be righteous before God are good works. I am glad to announce that righteousness is a gift! (Rom 5:17) It’s the Father’s gift to us through Christ Jesus, imparting us with a new nature and qualifying us to stand right with Him without any sense of guilt, condemnation, sin-consciousness or inferiority complex (2Cor 5:21). How do I mean? If you have to work hard or labour for it, then it’s not righteousness. The righteousness of works is as filthy rags before God because it cannot satisfy the requirements of the Law Rom3:20. However, Jesus Christ has been made our righteousness (1Cor1:30). He fulfilled every law on our behalf and credited it to our account Rom8:3-4. You become truly righteous by simply believing in your HEART that God raised Jesus Christ from the dead and confessing the Lordship of Jesus with your MOUTH Rom 10:9-10. Your mouth and your heart must agree to get you saved and bring you into a right standing with the Father. This is the New Birth into a new family – the family of God 1John3:1,9-10. It confers on you a new nature – the nature of God. Every family is not without its own customs and traditions. Sin and every evil work is characteristic of the family of the devil. In the family of God, we are divinely empowered by grace to live right and shun all sorts of immorality Rom 6. This is how we live true to our nature. Stay #blessed!!!





wpid-443-dying.jpgYomade, before and during the illness

The precious life of Balogun Yomade Yewande, a 26-yr old designer and graduate of OAU,Ife is being threatened, no thanks to end-stage kidney disease (stage V).

She needs about 9million naira for kidney transplant

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The concept of LOVE is arguably one of the most misconstrued and misapplied in contemporary times. To this extent, an attempt to put it in the right perspective on the authority of God’s word (God Himself is love personified – 1Jn4:8) is definitely not out of place at such a time as this.

The Oxford dictionary defines love as an intense feeling of deep affection towards another person. Yea, that’s true. But much more than a feeling, love is the nature of the Father enabling Him to do the things He does. Now, the import of this: for the believer, love is spontaneous/unconditional i.e it’s not a function of the attitude or response of the recipient, it’s a function of His nature (Jn3:16, Rom5:5-8). Do we remember that God did not sacrifice His Son for us because we were perfect? It was while we were yet sinners.

Beloved, while I was meditating on the subject of LOVE, I found some staggering truths that really ‘wowed’ me. Without an iota of doubt, I know they’ll bless you as well.

1. God loves the world (you and I) as much as He loves Christ Jesus (Jn17:23b). What a revelation! Therefore never catch yourself wallowing in self-pity or dejection for you have been accepted in the BELOVED (Eph1:6)

2. Love always involves an exchange of value. In other words, the cycle of love is not complete without giving up something you truly cherish to bless your neighbour (Jn3:16, 1Jn3:17-18, 1Jn4:9-10)

3. Love prefers other people in honour (Rom12:10). In other words, love is not self-seeking. Rather, it’s self-sacrificing!

4. You can never stumble walking in love towards others. Why? Love radiates light (1Jn2:10)

5. Love is creative/inventive in hospitality (Rom12:13). It means love seeks and discovers new ways to meet others’ needs and be a blessing to them. Jesus WENT ABOUT doing good (Acts10:38). So it was His occupation to do good. Amazing, isn’t it?

6. Finally, love and lust are poles apart! How do I mean? God is the subject of true love, but lust only cares for the goodies of this world. Hence, love is as ETERNAL as lust is EPHEMERAL (1Jn2:15-17). Which do you prefer?

Hmmm…I guess I have to drop my pen at this juncture, but the next thing you want to do now is go out there and put a smile on the face of somebody. You can be His/Her angel: the answer to their prayers, the light in their dark world.

If you’ve been truly blessed by this piece, you’ll definitely want to share it with someone you LOVE. Remember that’s one good way to prove your love. Stay blessed and love you all!