Have you been groping in the thick darkness of chronic misery with no future in view at all?

Don’t give up just yet, the Light of life can change your story today. If only you will let Him, He will take you by the hand and lead you from where you are to where you ought to be.


Oh someone out there with a broken heart and a low spirit? Give the LOVE Specialist an in-road into your heart, He will sure mend you and lift your spirit. Mortals may have refused you but you have been accepted in the beloved (Eph 1:6).


Are you so overwhelmed by the challenges and hurdles of life that you sometimes feel like ending it all? Only accept His warm embrace and He will make life worth living again!


Or you were only recently diagnosed with a terminal illness and doctors have told you to put your house in order? Listen, the Healer has said something different about you: arise and take up your bed (Matt 9:6).

Beloved, cast all your cares and worries on Him today because He truly cares (1Peter5:7). Jesus is the ONLY way out of all the nagging evils bedeviling our generation today and you will be doing yourself a world of good to allow Him into your life. It’s so simple…just BELIEVE in your HEART that God raised Him from the dead and CONFESS with your MOUTH His Lordship over your life (Rom 10:9-10).

Did you just do that? That’s amazing! You are saved!!!

Jesus has now become to you a Father, a Friend, a Companion and a Healer. Glory to God!

Now it will be of tremendous benefit to read your bible daily and join a Bible-practising church where you will be taught God’s word.

You are blessed and remember I love you!