Approved of God

1 Peter 2:10 KJV
Which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy.

Sadly, many christians feel inadequate and unqualified today as they see themselves through the prism of unfavourable happenings around them. They find it too easy to believe the report of other humans while ignoring God and what He has said about them in His word. However, here is a note of warning to you: if you choose to hinge your expectations in life on the wild fluctuations of human approval or disapproval, expect your life to keep swinging to and fro like an unstable pendulum. And no significant progress in life is ever feasible without stability. Without a shadow of doubt, the only person qualified to make an accurate assessment of you is God because He formed you and understands your frame.

Beloved, you need not suffer sleepless nights because someone has rejected you. You were only refused because a better opportunity is on the way. Glory to God! In Christ, no one is disadvantaged because He is our competitive edge. Matt 6:33 says to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL other things will be added to us. Have you ever wondered how Jesus was not stranded when He had to feed several thousands of men on two separate occasions? He simply invoked the multiplying power of the Father by giving thanks for the little at His disposal. And I suppose you know the outcome, there was an overwhelming surplus.

However, if you are not yet born again, you have every reason to be concerned because your Creator does not approve of your actions no matter how hard you try to please Him. Securing His approval begins with accepting His gift to you. Believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus and confess Him as your Lord and personal Saviour. If you just did that, you are now saved and safe! This is the essence of Easter. God is no more angry with you. You have now received His seal of approval, His vote of confidence even if nobody else believes in you or what you have to offer. Just make Him your sole focus as He sets your feet on the path of progress and significance. Happy Easter Celebrations and I love you.


Accepted in the Beloved

“To the praise of the glory of His grace, wherein He hath made us accepted in the Beloved.” Eph 1:6
“For He knoweth our frame; He remembereth that we are dust.” Ps 103:14
In these contemporary times, numerous studies have shown that the incidence of depression has been on the upward trend. Whereas many folks in the poor countries have become helpless victims of abject poverty amid the harsh realities of economic recession, even those in the so-called prosperous nations still have other vices to contend with such as the opioid crisis, radical terrorism and sporadic shootings leading to avoidable loss of precious lives. How about the recent spate of marriage failures, culminating in unprecedented divorce rates with the attendant negative impact on society? In the end, it does appear there is more than enough misery and misfortune to go round.

In the light of all this, one can now easily understand why many feel worthless and rejected – even to the point of contemplating suicide! Afterall, as far as they are concerned, loved ones including family and friends have failed to provide them the much-needed love and support and even the government cares less. Does this apply to you in any way? I have got good news for you today. You have been accepted in Jesus Christ, the Beloved One. God loves you affectionately and now offers you a way out of all the mess and agony. Just think of this as a lifeline and embrace it in a hurry. Stop looking outwards for acceptance. Rather look inwards to the One who created you, the One who can make something precious out of the nothingness of your life.

Just believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead and confess Him as your Lord and Personal Saviour and be saved. Wow, it’s that simple!
You can now ask Him to lead you to a Church where you will get fed and nourished with God’s word so your mind can become renewed to the realities of the new life you have just received. Once you take this bold step, you will soon realize that God will anoint you with the oil of joy and end your mourning forever. He will put on you the garment of praise instead of the spirit of heaviness (Is 61:3) and your life will become beautiful forever. I love you.

Fragrance of Love

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine” Songs of Sol 1:2

Cheer up beloved, it’s a new dawn already! Your long night of weeping is over, you can now step into your day of rejoicing because the fragrant love of the Father has searched you out today.

Our God gave us a perfect example of love in letting go of His only Son for an ungrateful people without any condition. Even on the Cross, the Son still offered heartfelt prayers for His assailants. Little wonder the aroma of His unfailing love has pervaded the entire universe as He continues to beckon to as many who are thirsty and hungry to come drink and eat till everyone is satisfied. Can anyone really resist this kind of love?

Love gives no conditions, you love others with no strings attached, you love the unlovable and forgive the unforgivable. Offence will surely come but you don’t take it because you forgive in advance. You don’t love people because they deserve to be loved, you love them because you are designed to love

Love doesn’t talk down on people, it speaks pleasant uplifting words, recognizing that the power of life and death lies in the tongue. King Solomon, in His God-given wisdom shared in Proverbs 16:24 that pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.

Love is so potent: the fragrance of Love conquers the repulsive stench of hate.

To sum up, I have no doubt whatsoever that most, if not all of the problems that plague humanity today can be laid to eternal rest on the altar of love. Love can soften the most hardened of criminals, the soothing balm of love is able to calm frayed nerves. Only love can tell you to apologize even when you are not at fault.
Yes, love is so sweet all the bitterness in this world cannot neutralize it. I love you.

Beauty Redefined

Have you ever admired and cherished a person’s beauty so much only to discover it was an illusion after all? It then suddenly dawned on you the most bitter reality that you had to also deal with the beast behind the beauty?

True beauty transcends outward looks. Original beauty is not made up. It goes far beyond a person being physically attractive. Without a doubt, it is of the heart. It’s an eternal virtue that flows from inside out and only God confers beauty for He is beauty personified and exemplified.

Beloved, you need not go overboard doing silly things to impress anybody. Only believe your Maker’s report about you for He alone has your software. You are beautiful as you are, fearfully and wonderfully made – the Father’s very own masterpiece!

Look into the mirror every morning and celebrate yourself. Tell yourself you are beautiful and be grateful to God for endowing you with such unique beauty. In no time, the real beauty in you will crystallize for all to behold and appreciate.

Everlasting Love

Despite the sins and offences of generations of mankind, God’s love for us has never ceased. God’s love for you is permanent, it doesn’t fluctuate. Afterall, you did nothing to earn it, so you would not have to do anything to sustain it. What fluctuates however is your response to His unfailing love, your appreciation of His infinite kindness which is what determines how much of His love you partake of. For instance, Jn 3:16 reveals to us how God so loved the world that He gave up His only Son for the salvation of all. Even 1Tim 2:4 says our Father will rather have all men saved. But all men are not saved yet. Does it mean God loves them any less? Does it mean they are just destined to be excluded from the sweet package of salvation? The answer is an emphatic NO.

So beloved, never think of God as one who is partial and who has favourites because He doesn’t. You and I are His favourites! His love for us is absolute and priceless. It blew my mind to realize He loves us as much as He loves Christ Jn 17:23. What more can we ask for? It’s obvious now that you will only experience and enjoy the love of the Father to the extent that you are willing to acknowledge and embrace it. Accept God’s love gift today in the person of Jesus Christ by confessing Him as your Lord and Saviour, believe and receive Him with all of your heart and His everlasting love for you will become more real to you than ever.

What a Season!

Woow…it’s Yuletide! Another timely season to thank God for the priceless gift of life, an opportunity to show immense gratitude to the One who so dutifully watched over our souls throughout 2017 and is even more proud to have done so.

Needless to say that none has the copyright to his life nor is any mortal able to gift himself one extra minute of life without the Creator. For this and more, we can never be grateful enough.

While you may rightly feel you missed out on countless opportunities this year, remember also that you have not lost the ultimate one: the opportunity to live. Thus it’s no season for regrets or despair. It’s our season of rejoicing for the birth of our Lord has brought us peace and goodwill again. Glory to God!

As we transit into the new year, remember to pray, plan and prepare. Set clear and achievable goals and allow God direct your paths as you acknowledge Him in all your ways. Don’t try to imagine you can do it all alone because you cannot…that’s the recipe for failure. And you can be rest assured it’s going to be your best year ever, loaded with unquestionable results that culminate in mind-blowing testimonies to the glory of God!

Wishing you a merry Xmas and a glorious new year in advance. Cheers!!!

The Perfect Sacrifice 2

Previously, I showed us that love was the Father’s motive for giving up His only begotten Son to harvest more sons into His kingdom upon whom He can lavish His profound love. So we are now the objects of God’s love…this is simply mind-blowing! You see our Father does not love us because we deserve it, He loves us because love is His very nature, His very essence. 1 John 4:8 says God is Love. I have good news for you. In Jesus who is the ultimate gift of the Father, you have access to everything else you could ever desire – a good job, a blissful home, healing, financial prosperity, victory over the enemy, protection and so on. Without a doubt, the greatest miracle of all time is the miracle of salvation. How a one-time serial killer and persecutor of the church suddenly became a brand new man without a past simply by believing and confessing the Lordship of Jesus (not his sins for how many could he confess) Rom 10:9-10. Wow! What a miracle!!! I’m referring to Paul who later professed that he had wronged no man (2 Cor 7:2). Really? The blood of Jesus had ‘formatted’ his past.


Now, let us zero in on the Father’s provision for our healing and health. Surprisingly, a lot of people have the faith to get saved but not to get healed. But Jesus was beaten and chastised for our healing (1Pet 2:24, Is 53:5, Matt 8:17). In the perfect work of redemption, he bought us back from sin and all its consequences including sicknesses. Beloved, receive your healing today because Jesus paid for it. The same faith that got you saved can get you healed. God desires above all things that you prosper and live in health (3John1:2). Do not be deceived or short-changed.
Stay tuned for more and God bless you. Love you.
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Christ Our Righteousness

wpid-lord-righteousness.jpg Image Credit: To start with, very many know that righteousness means to have a right standing with God. However, not many people have the correct knowledge of how to become righteous. At one extreme, several folks are of the opinion that it’s practically impossible to be righteous as humans to the extent that they deem it outright heresy for anyone to profess that they are righteous. Furthermore, a good number of people equally hold the extreme view that all they need to be righteous before God are good works. I am glad to announce that righteousness is a gift! (Rom 5:17) It’s the Father’s gift to us through Christ Jesus, imparting us with a new nature and qualifying us to stand right with Him without any sense of guilt, condemnation, sin-consciousness or inferiority complex (2Cor 5:21). How do I mean? If you have to work hard or labour for it, then it’s not righteousness. The righteousness of works is as filthy rags before God because it cannot satisfy the requirements of the Law Rom3:20. However, Jesus Christ has been made our righteousness (1Cor1:30). He fulfilled every law on our behalf and credited it to our account Rom8:3-4. You become truly righteous by simply believing in your HEART that God raised Jesus Christ from the dead and confessing the Lordship of Jesus with your MOUTH Rom 10:9-10. Your mouth and your heart must agree to get you saved and bring you into a right standing with the Father. This is the New Birth into a new family – the family of God 1John3:1,9-10. It confers on you a new nature – the nature of God. Every family is not without its own customs and traditions. Sin and every evil work is characteristic of the family of the devil. In the family of God, we are divinely empowered by grace to live right and shun all sorts of immorality Rom 6. This is how we live true to our nature. Stay #blessed!!!


Halo peeps! Just tryn 2 catch up on today’s assignment cos the day is almost winding up here in my beloved Nigeria. I know you care about what I care about – LOVE, yea love. Why not let’s dig it some more. You can’t get fed up loving or being loved, can you? Even our Creator anchors His very essence on pure love. You wanna know what to do next? I’ll tell you: talk love, think love, dream love, wear love, share love. Just live love.

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I am a love-oriented blogger intoxicated by the fresh wine of love to do what? To love all and sundry without condition.

I am CREATIVE in love because I was CREATED to love.

More still, I am of the opinion that life is not worth living if I do not love and I am not loved.

Love is the unfailing cord that binds the entirety of universe together. Is it not the only formidable force that can unite a man and a woman of divergent backgrounds and converge the duo into a couple that stay glued together for life, come rain, come sunshine?

Without love, the very foundation of life itself falls apart, helplessly


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The wine of love is good wine and I consider myself hugely privileged to share this cup with several thousands of dear bloggers, thanks to the blogging101 platform! This can only get more exciting…yea and we’ll together enjoy this new wine till we all are drunk!

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