Beauty Redefined

Have you ever admired and cherished a person’s beauty so much only to discover it was an illusion after all? It then suddenly dawned on you the most bitter reality that you had to also deal with the beast behind the beauty?

True beauty transcends outward looks. Original beauty is not made up. It goes far beyond a person being physically attractive. Without a doubt, it is of the heart. It’s an eternal virtue that flows from inside out and only God confers beauty for He is beauty personified and exemplified.

Beloved, you need not go overboard doing silly things to impress anybody. Only believe your Maker’s report about you for He alone has your software. You are beautiful as you are, fearfully and wonderfully made – the Father’s very own masterpiece!

Look into the mirror every morning and celebrate yourself. Tell yourself you are beautiful and be grateful to God for endowing you with such unique beauty. In no time, the real beauty in you will crystallize for all to behold and appreciate.


The Perfect Sacrifice 1


A sacrifice refers to something of worth purposely given up to gain another. How much you are willing to give up or part with to get something is a reflection of your estimation of its value or worth. In other words, you want to get commensurate returns on your investment. Have you ever considered what God, the only Wise One had in mind when He sacrificed His ONLY Son for the sins of the entire world? It’s profit! Glory to God. Now see how many children he has won into His ever-expanding Kingdom by that PERFECT sacrifice. Jesus is that Perfect sacrifice! Love motivated our dear Father to sacrifice His only Son for our sake because of the tremendous value He placed on us. What a profound display of benevolence! Beloved, you are so precious  to God (1John3:1, John3:16, Eph1:6). You are the apple of His doting eyes. Wake up to that reality today. In this series, I will be showing you the amazing privileges and benefits you stand to enjoy by reason of that PERFECT sacrifice. Please stay tuned and stay blessed.